View Full Version : W2K Backup will not Restore!!!!

07-02-2002, 01:43 PM
I backed up key files with 2000 backup to another computer on the network - one file per partition (1-3 GB's)

The files show as Microsoft Backup files but they will not restore...AAARGGGHHHHH!

Anyone know of any utility or company who could restore?? I have tried Computer Forensics but that is a really expensive option.

And as for Microsoft...

07-02-2002, 02:18 PM
Are you running the same OS on both computers? I remember from the past that they changed backup from version to version (think I had to install DOS 5 MSbackup on a DOS 6 machine or something similar). Will they reinstall on the original machine?

07-02-2002, 07:52 PM
Yup..I tried to restore under Windows 2000 backup program. Even tried under XP.

08-02-2002, 04:14 PM
I seem to remember that an MS Backup is actually TWO files. There is the compressed data file, and an index file. To restore files, you have to have the index file. Does this help?

For the reasons I gave in my reply to your previous posting, I do not use MS Backup.

As a general rule, a compressed file as big as a gigabyte is going to be risky.
The probability of an error gets pretty high, and any error in a compressed file makes it nearly impossible to recover anything past the error point.

There must be millions of 'backups' which are not readable. A classic case is the miniature 'QIC' tapes.