03-02-2002, 11:09 AM
I upgraded to CDC 4.05 yesterday and finally created a CD (Version 4.02s that HP supplied does not support HP CD-RW's). I was informed somewhere that the boot disk must contain the driver for the CD-ROM. Also I added /l:R after LH MSCDEX so that the Readonly drive letter is the same no-mater where I use it.

It is also an advantage to add HIMEM.sys also.

The easiest way to acheive this is diskcopy Microsoft's Windows 98 OEM boot and edit the AutoExec.bat file.

I use a custom config.sys and autoexec.bat which I copy to the hard drive after it is formated. When Windows 98 is installed Windows 98 will automatically recognise the CD-ROM as R:

Also I tested this CD. Drive A: is now a RAMdrive. I cannot access the physical 1.44Mb floppy. Make sure all the files you need are on the CD-ROM. Note a bootable floppy disk can only store 8.3 filenames.