View Full Version : Web Radio button for Press F1 doesn't work

02-02-2002, 09:09 PM
Sorry about all this. It was my first time using this site to do a google search and I realised I couldn't click on the web radio button. I could have just typed www.google.com in my address bar but I thought it would be a good idea if other people wanted to use Press F1's search function.

I've noticed the problem while looking at the source code. The code says <input type='radio' value='Google'>.

You may not see the problem there but I had to compare it with the other codes. So it should say <input type='radio' value='Google' name='What'>

I still think this is an excellent site and it's amazing how you can pack so much onto my screen.

02-02-2002, 09:43 PM
Gee, I never even realised you could listen to the radio from this site.

Which button was it again?

02-02-2002, 10:17 PM

The radio button is the circular buttons at the top of the Press F1 site for selecting if you wanted to use Site, Press F1... as your search option.

If you try selecting Web it does not select it at all but remains in the previous selection.

02-02-2002, 10:27 PM
Do what?

Kame, what have you been taking?

02-02-2002, 10:34 PM
No I'm not taking anything.

Obviously I'm not explaining it correctly.

Just try this. On the main page of Press F1 go right to the top and you'll see Search just under the PC World logo. Next to it is the options of choosing Site, PressF1, NZ and Web. But trying to select Web didn't work.

May have confused you with the radio buttons but that's what they call those type of buttons in HTML.

04-02-2002, 12:58 PM

Thanks for pointing this out. The missing code was part of the problem as well as a few other notes-eccentric things that I've managed to repair. Should work now.