View Full Version : Why does pc connect via CMMGR32.EXE ?

27-01-2002, 11:58 PM
My PC recently began to have difficulties running CMMGR32.EXE on start up.

Checked c:\win\system and found a CMMGR32.EXE file dated 01/12/2001 - around the time I tried NAV2001. Since the trial period has now expired, I no longer need LiveUpdate (which I assume was causing this).

Extracted file from W98SE cab44 and also edited a registry entry pointing to CMMGR~1.OLD. Error still appears on startup. Not a show stopper, but annoys.

Uninstalled NAV2001 and re-installed but still said trial expired. I can only assume that there is still an 'artifact' somewhere that has not been deleted. Could this be running CMMGR32 ?

28-01-2002, 12:55 AM
If you want to disable connection manager, do the following.

Disable the program in the startup folder:

Go to Start>Run

Type in msconfig then click on the startup tab.

Deselect the cmmgr32.exe item

Go OK and restart the PC.

Hope that helps. :-)

28-01-2002, 06:37 PM
If preventing cmmgr32.exe from running using msconfig causes any problems you could have a look at this I found on the BudAllen site:
http://www geocities.com/~budallen/mtsutil.html

The relevent section reads:
Instcm.Inf - Reinstall Connection Manager

When trying to launch your MSN connection or another connection using the Microsoft Connection Manager, you may encounter the following error message:

Windows cannot find cmmgr32.exe.

This program is needed for opening files of type 'ProfileName'

You will then be prompted for the location of cmmgr32.exe.

If you receive this error, the Microsoft Connection Manager may have inadvertently been uninstalled. Use the INSTCM.INF file and steps outlined below to restore proper Microsoft Connection Manager functionality.

To reinstall Microsoft Connection Manager:

Select INSTCM.INF in the \Tools\MTSutil folder on the Windows 98 Second Edition CD.
Right-click INSTCM.INF
Hold down the SHIFT key and press F10.
Choose INSTALL to reinstall Microsoft Connection Manager.

End of quote. Credits to BudAllen.

If you look at instcm.inf, it also makes entries to the registry, so just extracting a copy of cmmgr32.dll may not be adequate.

29-01-2002, 10:12 AM
Many thanks for the replies. Start menu does not have anything one would think runs CMMGR32 - screen saver, a text-to-speech freeware, Guarddog, MSN Chat? I'll check the site out though. Again, thanks heaps.