View Full Version : Silent Sound card

14-05-1999, 03:40 PM
I recently installed a Creative sound blaster Audio PCI 64V card into my Digital Venturis 5100 computer.The card originally was installed in a new HP Pavilion at work but was not required. As the H.P's have all their software preinstalled and don't come with separate drivers on disk, 'only a recovery' disk is included, I downloaded the latest drivers from the internet. After this was carried out, my computer recognised the card and installed the software but nothing happens.
Within System/Device manager everything is fine. It tells me that there are no conflicts of any kind and that the device is working properly. I have the Volume control turned up and the speakers work fine with another card, but this flash new card doesn't utter a word. I'm running 95 version 1.
Please help, any tips would be most appreciated.