View Full Version : VxD error message reported on boot up

14-05-1999, 12:46 PM
I use a Toshiba 220cds notebook running W95, 32 MB Ram. I have been loading a few new progrmames recently and on boot up a couple of days ago an error message was displayed referring to a problem with too many VxD files. I can't be more accurate as I didn't keep a written record of the message. However, it also said that I needed to edit the system.ini file and increase the setting for the number of VxD. I went and had a look but couldn't find a clear reference to any such setting within the file. All that said, the error message has not been repeated since and I have not uninstalled any of the new programmes. However, I would like to get a an understanding of what the error message was referring to, and if I need to take some action now to avoid a problem later