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25-01-2002, 02:21 AM
Just been reading the posts again and some interesting comments have been made. Some people have been abused, neglected, harrassed, ignored, or just plain taken for granted. Maybe it has to do with the changes/improvements in the pipeline or maybe its the ignorance that sometimes manifests itself. Some are happy and some are not and some are just keeping quiet.
Whatever......we all use the site and we all appreciate the effort that goes into it...whether it is from the staff who keep it running on a small budget or the people who help us out of a jam when we need it. We have all put in many hours without thanks or acknowledgement. For this I want to thank everyone who has done so....I'd still be in the email/what does this button do? stage if it wasnt for this site and people.

I'm sorry you have to go e_ You are one of the people who make this site and have helped many and many have not acknowledged your help. I think all of us here would like you to stay. If any have offended you then please remember that we are all individuals and as such have different opinions....and if they meant to offend you then they can get $%^**(

I've just been playing with my calculator and am impressed by the volume of posts etc we have here.

as at 1am 25/1/02
187 posts
7 double posts
7 non puter posts
8 posts related to the site
816 replies to the posts
14 with no replies

and thats just the ones on the page at the moment. Yes there are 7 posts not related to the site but most of them are meant in good humour...some fall short but the humour is appreciated.
Please note this is NOT aimed at anyone but is just my thoughts in general

25-01-2002, 02:35 AM
Thats some good info there dipstick 01, thanks.


25-01-2002, 08:02 AM
Yesterday was not a good day, I had to edit two posts that were downright silly, I can go for weeks without editing any.

Perhaps my edits weren't very nice, but people who swear and post really nasty and stupid things don't deserve kid gloves.


25-01-2002, 02:28 PM
My surprise at reading this shows how long I've been away from the page.

This is a good place to find help , even if some answers can be silly and unhelpful.

I've been helped through this site and when I have some time or nothing else to do I come here and try to be of some help.

26-01-2002, 12:19 AM
Were did you get your 'time wand' from? I wish I get get 40 hours to the day, to go looking at all the posts

From Eric