View Full Version : Attn: Mike Barton & Robo, can you look at my last letterhead query please.

25-01-2002, 12:24 AM
Thanks for responses, would dearly love to have a bit more clarification to help me learn. Thanks

25-01-2002, 08:13 AM

Help us out a little. Where are you stuck?


25-01-2002, 11:45 AM
I am stuck not knowing the clear differences between the 3 choices to save the letterhead file to. In my first posting I did the choices as a list, but it came out all run together on your page so will re do them numbered. I did ask specific questions which have not been answered.

first choice: Rich Text format (*rtf) - second choice: Word 6.0/95 (*doc) - third choice and the one I think sort of covers everything Word 97-2000 & 6.0/95 RTF (*doc)

The third choice looks like it has all the bits. eg. my Word 2000, their Word 97 and & 6.0/95 looks like it might link with their Windows 95 (I have Windows 98), RTF is there too.

Because I don't know what the row of Words, letters and numbers means exactly I don't know if I am interpreting it correctly. I would like some one to say Word 97-2000 means (whatever it does, I know it is the 2 separate programmes but what does it mean in this context) and then what & 6.0/95 means (and what it does and in relation to the first bit) and then RTf (*doc) and what it means in relation to the first things in the line.

I have no experience of the incompatibilty between Microsoft different Word and Windows programmes, never having tried to do something for another computer before.

Thank you for your patience (I hope) and help.

26-01-2002, 01:39 AM
Robo I always thought RTF stood for Rich Text Format. The rich meaning it will save font, font size and other formating which sounds like it is all that EC wants to transfer.

Word 6.0/95 (*doc) Versions 6.0 to 95 of word. This would do also.

Word 97-2000 & 6.0/95 RTF (*doc)This one I am not totaly sure of. If you try it do you get another choice after as saving in Word97-2000 is not the same as 6.0/95 RTF. The 95 refers to the version of Word. This one would also work.
All three should work but if you want to be sure why not do one of each as they should not take up too much space.

27-01-2002, 11:59 AM
Thanks Mike. I have particular reasons for needing the info. I never thought to try all the choices. After Robos statement that I didn't need to know and to learn something else (not at all helpful) I went to the Microsoft Knowledge base and got all the info I needed. I should have done that first. I appreciate your coming back to the issue with more help.