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24-01-2002, 02:58 PM
Hi everyone,

Just a little advise required...

My Nortons subscription has run out, and I was wondering if I should re-subscribe or just manually download them.

Only thing is, I am not sure if the manual download is as good as the Live Updates - or if infact by manually downloading gives me full Nortos security

Regards, ALAN :-)

24-01-2002, 03:05 PM
Manually downloading Norton's updates gives you the same virus protection as liveupdates, however it also gives you the inconvenience of having to download and install them yourself, and on top of that you don't get the actual program updates either (which are included in Liveupdates).

24-01-2002, 03:49 PM
If you uninstall NAV, and then use a decent registry cleaner or manually remove all of the NAV registry keys. Reinstall NAV and your Live Updates should be working again. Or alternatively you would most likely be able to find a download on the web that would alter the particular regitry entry renewing your live updates.


24-01-2002, 03:55 PM
Naughty, JM.

(just kidding about the Peter Norton thing).


24-01-2002, 09:26 PM
Hello Alan,

...after visiting here for a mumber of years and posting suggestions for around 12 months - this will be my final posting to the Press F1 Help Forum.

The editorial standard has fallen below an acceptable standard in my view, with this message thread being but one example [*1].

Quality 'Help Forums' DO NOT endorse cracking, hacking and theft.

Qaulity 'Help Forums' remove such postings ... but the Press F1 Forum turns it into a joke.

Jokes: back on the Main Board i am helping (read: *was* helping) somebody remove a tenacious Home-Page-Hijacking which one could reasonably presume is causing the user some grief [*2].

Were i to take this Forum's Editorial point of view i would tell him to 'get a life' and 'take it as a joke' ... for, if anyone dies, IDG NEW ZEALAND will print an apology [*3].

While wishing only the best for every single visitor to this Forum - i will not support the Forum any more.

[-and i can hear the wags saying this Forum just got better already, LOL-]

P.S. Alan - the advice from Mike Louwrens is correct. In addition to that, you can also manually download the 'Programme' updates from the Symantec Site.

My love to you all!!!



[Erica J. Sharpe]

[*1] Don't worry, JM, my comments are not aimed at you: i saw the earlier posting/s referred to - but this particular message thread only reflects the general deterioration in standards

[*2] 'Unwanted Home Page' - Graeme Carroll, 23/01/2002 20:33:59

[*3] 'PC Home Page' - Ringo Wilson, 21/12/01 11:29:43 ... NOTE the Editorial comments (a) 21/12/01 12:09:57 and (b) 21/12/01 20:15:31

25-01-2002, 01:42 PM
Hi Erica,

My cousin has just emailed me to tell me that you are leaving PressF1

So sorry to hear this, and hopefully you might change your mind... we will be lost without wisdom and advice.

Hopefully, you will change your mind, WE NEED YOU

Cheers, RINGO ;-0