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24-01-2002, 09:56 AM
Over the last three weeks I have been arbitrarily dumped after 14 minutes, - whilst using free.net and in trying to locate an answer,- have also used xtra. I am told that 'x' number of minutes of idle this is normal. I find this a nonsense, as I play postcardchess with five different opponents at the same time,often, and the machine cannot possibly be called 'idle' as I also use msn to badger a friend as we type our moves and send via Internet Explorer. To receive the move etc we have to make the move and click 'send' all the time while talking with say, this friend. In no way can this be 'idle' accordingly- is there anybody out there who can tell me as to why this is happening, especially over the last few days.
free.net have conceded that they have a fault in my area, and apologised;msn have also offered advice, and an apology but none has succeeded in a solution

24-01-2002, 10:15 AM
Check to make sure that you have idle disconnect and disconnect when not needed disabled. I had a similair problem when in chat but fixed it by deselecting these 2.
control panel/dial up networking/then click on your connection/properties/dialing
make sure the boxes arent ticked. Try that and see if it helps.
Another reason could be line noise etc...are you rural or in town??

24-01-2002, 10:17 AM
Slow the modem (Dial Up Networking properties for your connection>Configure>Max Speed

Set that to 57000 or less, or use a modem string if you know the right one.

Unplug cordless phones or/and fax machines from your phone line.

Set Outlook Express to run in the background, turn off hand up after sending/rcv and check mail every 5 minutes.

Plug the modem line directly into the wall socket.

Use a different modem line.

Use a shorter modem line.

Close all antivirus and firewall programs.

In fact, close every closeable program that you're not actively using.

Try from a different location (Friends house)

Get a line noise check.

Where in NZ are you? If you're out in the backwoods of Te Kuiti it might be beyond help :)

24-01-2002, 01:30 PM
Thank you dipstick01, msn suggested that, as had three of my computer teacher- whizkids ( 3 generations younger)- no result!
Msn asked me to identify my msn #- with the corresponding 'buttons to press' - they ain't there as often as not. I have the most recent msn:Internet Explorer 6:Outlook Express6- you name it I have installedit. I am a superanuitant and at nearly 70 years old feel quite proud the way these kids taught me.-Still no success- I pulled the plug on my fax,as you had suggested. I live in Hamilton-about 3 km from Telecom Central Exchange. We have 120000 people here and all individual lines.
Ha! as I type this the server ISP has dumped me yet again-14 minutes, no fax nothing extraneous,etc
Now what'

24-01-2002, 01:43 PM
Thank you a ha- great name( well experienced in this by the looks of it.
All those have been done- refer reply to dipstck1. I have only just been told of this F1- it's great- keep talking - remember I am nearly senile and need co- operation

24-01-2002, 02:20 PM
Anybody suggested checking your other phone sockets/extention lines yet? Maybe get Telecom to check your phone wirings esp. if they have been in place for a while.

Don't fidget about time - at least the techonology has given generations new bridges ...

24-01-2002, 02:52 PM
Well Imag.co.nz. F2, and in particular 'a ha'- you must have hit the nail on the head!!!
I swallowed all my pride and re did as both of you suggested.
End result I reset the ' auto check for e mail' from the 15 minutes it was set at( remember my dumping came approx 14 minutes) - first to 20minutes, then to nothing, then to 30 minutes - I had disconnected my fax, then after 30 minutes re inserted the fax plug - then what is now another 30 minutes on, and still online - still no dumping - I think I am back in business- well done and a huge thank you, to you both.
Thanks to the chess playing friend and you I think this site is worth it's weight in gold