View Full Version : Word 97 Envolope Printing problems

13-05-1999, 05:50 PM
I have been have having a problem printing from the envolope and label feature of Word 97. Whenever I try to print an envolope I get the following error message; 'There is a problem printing to the printer (Canon BJC 80) due to an unkown system error. Restart Windows, and try printing again'. After this happens I get a message saying that the printer port is in use by another programme. This happens with any print job (DOS or Windows). Rebooting cures the problem until I try to us the envolope and label feature again. I have reinstalled MS Office to no effect. All other printing seems to be OK. I only have this problem with the envolope and label feature in Word 97. I have tried other printers and get the same result. I am running Win 98 on an IBM Thinkpad 380ED.