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23-01-2002, 06:58 PM
I have just scanned over 250+ pages using Photostudio 2000 (the software that came with my Canon N1240U scanner.

I was hoping to paste each page to a page in Microsoft Word. I realised that I would not be able to edit the actual text but wished to add footnotes etc.

However I am having difficulty as I can not seem to post a page to a page.

1) What am I doing wrong
2) Is there anyway I can change the pages (which I have not copied to my photo programme i.e. Presto Mr.Photo1.2 in such a way that they can a) be numbered and b) have footnotes added to them and c) be able to download them to a disc and is possible send them over the internet.
3) will I have to scan them all again!!


23-01-2002, 09:01 PM
When you scan documents in you are basically making a photocopy of it - that is a picture of it rather than editable text.

Rather than paste in - use insert picture.

If you want editable text you can use an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program. This converts what it sees on the page to text. Once the image has been converted to text you then need to edit it - check that words have interpreted correctly and clean up errors - eg a mark on the page being converted to a comma etc.

Did an OCR program come with your scanner?

24-01-2002, 07:39 AM
Thanks for your comments Heather, much appreciated however I think you are telling me what I think I know at heart that I have to scan again in OCR this time.

When I said paste I did mean insert but when I do that they all seem to layer one on top of the other and moving each page to a seperate page does not seem to work, plus takes ages.

I think I will end up scanning again - Agh!!

Thanks again