View Full Version : KeyWords Are they still a thing?

03-02-2020, 09:15 AM
Is it still good practice to put some key words in your meta tags?
Does Google still look for them.

03-02-2020, 01:09 PM
Yes, they are a good idea and good practice and yes Google as well as other search engines still use them for indexing purposes.

kahawai chaser
04-02-2020, 09:42 PM
But Google no longer uses meta keywords for ranking signal, unless if quality content matches those keywords. I recall one of their chief SEO engineers bought out a video talking about it. SEO Pro Yoast describes it's value (https://yoast.com/meta-keywords/) - or lack of it today.

A newer concept called structured data (https://yoast.com/what-is-structured-data/) became available, to code in your website to provide "rich snippets (https://yoast.com/what-are-rich-snippets/)" iin search results.