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04-12-2019, 06:46 PM
Just upgraded my Win 7 to Win 10. Have been using Windows Live mail for years and years and also upgraded / changed to Office 365 - Outlook as part of that upgrade. Previously I have always had the ability to use the snipping tool to cut around an onscreen image, copy it then paste it into the email body. No issues at all.

Now when I try that it trick in Outlook 365 it fills the email with what appears to be repeating echos of the top menu bar - overlapping, text missing etc...No image..just loads of bits of the screen.

The wierd thing is , if I send it, when the image is received it looks fine. I tried sending a mate the garbled stuff to show him and he replied " what's the problem "..Same when i send it to myself as at text..Email full of overlapping 'bits of menus' but when i send / receive the image appears fine in the email.

Any clues. I'm hoping this is a setting in Outlook?



04-12-2019, 07:09 PM
Not normally How I'd do it, ( usually either attach or from the top menus, Insert - Picture) BUT tried it as described and when you right click / Paste There's two options, the one on the right shows a picture, use that. to resize the picture simply click it and adjustment boarders appear that you can resize etc.

04-12-2019, 09:25 PM
Nah. Thanks for that. Exactly the same issues. An empty box where the picture should be..Loads of garbled screen headers - and then when i send it, comes through fine !??!

Just tried my way and your way in Windows Live Mail and both work perfectly.

04-12-2019, 09:28 PM
Actually just found this. Tried and same issues in word as well for me. This is exactly what I am getting also