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20-01-2002, 11:26 PM
When it says that Microsoft is going to cut support for Win98 and other programs. Won't that mean that it will no longer continue to put out critical updates and the like. Not that it will pull the existing updates so that the public can't get them. And that you won't be able to ring up Microsoft and get help about those programs.

just my $0.02

25-01-2002, 07:46 PM

This isn't related to the withdraw of support, but I picked a post with your name on, that was way down the list so as not to upset people like _e.

I noticed your name on a post further up the page about this subject.

It relates to reinstalling the trial version of NAV 2002. Its just expired and I had a good clean out. I used jv16 Power Tools and Regclean, but when I do the reinstal, it still comes up with 'Trial Expired' I am using the PC World cover disc from Oct 2001. I like NAV 2002 and would be grateful for any help you can give to get it going again.

Thanks again JM.