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20-01-2002, 12:42 PM
This seems to be a common problem, if the Iomega site's forum discussion is anything to go by! Unfortunately, no-one there is able to offer a solution and Iomega just seem to give the blow-off all the time.

I have an Iomega external 100MB Zip drive and 6 100MB zip disks.

I installed the drive, via the latest IomegaWare software downloaded from Iomega.com, on both my desktop and laptop.

On both occasions, the drive installation has gone smoothly. However, the drive itself does not recognise any disk when it is inserted!! Error message: Disk X:\ is not ready. Please insert disk.

Running diagnostics via my BIOS and My Computer, Properties reveals no problems with the drive. When trying to scan the drive via My Computer etc, I get the error message: Drive access error. Unable to access drive X:. The drive is locked by a disk utility. Scan again later when the disk is no longer locked.

Since the drive does not recognise any disk that is inserted, the protect and format options in relation to the disk when right-clicking the zip drive icon under my computer, is simply not possible! Iomega simply ignores this piece of information that I gave them, and still try and get me to do long format of the disk!!

Ever had this happen to you? Know how to get the drive recognising/reading disks when they are inserted?

Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

PS: The drive has worked before on someone else's system. I bought it 2nd-hand when the seller upgraded to a faster drive. Tried all the troubleshooting tips suggested by Iomega too!!

21-01-2002, 04:55 PM
Hi Jenny,
A couple of suggestions for you. (1) Have you tried using the drive without using the Iomega software, or in Safe Mode? I think Windows already has Zip drivers. If it works without Iomegaware then the problem's pretty obvious. (2) Do you have any other software running that might be interfering, by taking ownership of the drive? For instance, CD creation, drive/media indexers (e.g. Corel) etc.

21-01-2002, 09:13 PM
Jenny, Does it click at all ?? I had a Zip100 several years ago and it got the 'click of death' in which it seemed to click continually. I actually bought it off a friend of a friend for a pretty good price. Anyway to cut a long story short, I rang Iomega and they replaced the drive and all my faulty disks. Both without seeing the fault and before I even sent it back to them. I was impressed !!! Although they were reassembled that suited me fine. I have since passed it on the another friends friend (cos I went and got a CD writer) and as far as I know she is still humming sweet. Try fibbing a little by saying that it keeps clicking but I dont know if they replace on that anymore but its worth a try....

21-01-2002, 10:25 PM
Hi Chris. Yes the drive clicks but not all the time. It coincides with the activity light flashing quickly when a disk is first inserted. This lasts for about 10secs or so until the activity light slows down to a more sedate pace. The drive seems fine electrically, just not mechanically. Can you remember who/country you rang when getting in touch with Iomega? Basically, was it in NZ or USA etc. Cheers. Jenny.