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19-01-2002, 11:46 PM
was re booting windows when a msg came up saying 'windows has encountered an error in the registry windows will fix this error' u click ok and it reboots again but u see the same msg again.

i have a startup disk but it doesnt get read on reboot, maybe because previously in control panel , id set windows so it doesnt look for floppy drives on startup.

safe mode doesnt seem to boot proplerly as well. u get the msg that safe mode loads minimal drivers etc and u can use the diagnostic tools n windows etc etc...i click ok .. no desktop icons load eg my computer recycle bin etc. and the hard drive light just stays on..i go to programs and explorer shuts down then nothing..all u see is the words safe mode in the screen corners.

i have a startup disk but how do i get it to work from the safe mode menu? i choose option 5 ..then change to a: then i dont kno what to do from here.

someone mentioned to me about going to the bios and changing the settings so a: gets read 1st. but that seems a lil out of my bounds.

im in the safe mode menu and i change drive from c to a. tell me what to do from here!

if any1s up u can call me as well im up till late to try and get it going

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20-01-2002, 12:13 AM
What Operating System are you using? (Win95, 98, ME, 2000, XP)

You'll have to go to the BIOS unfortunately. What is the brand of your computer if it's not a custom made one.

Usually pressing del or esc during startup (just before the Windows startup) will get you inside the BIOS. If it's a brand computer then it's usually one of the Function keys.

Inside the bios (it's different for each bios) but in the advanced section should show the sequence of booting C:, A: or different. Switch it around so A: appears first.

From there you'll boot into the dos prompt with the disk then I believe the commands to fix the registry is scanreg /fix

Hope this works if not there's other fixes that may work

20-01-2002, 01:08 AM
i got windows 98SE running celeron 466 128 meg ram 13 gig drive

pc made by the pc company

ummm epox motherboard

yep i see in the bios features setup

boot sequence c, cdrom, a

tho not sure how u swap them around. i push f1 which shows the options they are
a c scsi
c a scsi
c cdrom a
cdrom c a
d a scsi
e a scsi
scsi a c
scsi c a
c only
ls/zip c

is there options where i can boot from the windows 98 se disk or something? if theres other options can u please lay them out for me



20-01-2002, 04:55 PM
just wanna say big thanks to Kame and KO for helpin out

i got it all sussed i changed the boot sequence to read a: 1st. which got me into DOS, then i went to win98 and used scanreg /restore and picked out a reg backup from last week. then restarted the pc

SWEET AS, evrythings back to order!!!

thnx for ur help.

definately pays to have a startup disk.