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Poppa John
26-05-2019, 04:17 PM
Hi All Again.
In outlook email I have been looking at a Signiture in New Mail. I can get a Text line & save it ok. I want to as well put either a Smilie or a Picture after the text line. I can put a text line ona page but cannot getthe smilie on the same entry, but can get it on another entry. How can I get the two together. Thanks. PJ

26-05-2019, 08:09 PM
Theres several ways to open the signature Box, Either like this from a New Email Link showing-- https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Create-and-add-a-signature-to-messages-8ee5d4f4-68fd-464a-a1c1-0e1c80bb27f2 If you scroll down the page theres a video showing how its done as well.

OR open outlook - File - Options - Mail - Signatures:


Either way you end up in the same place.

In the Box below, 1st create a new signature - call it what ever you want :


write in the text you want ( name, address ,message what ever) To put in a simile face get a picture of the one you want, click on the insert Picture icon and navigate to it - insert.


Sometimes its a bit of playing around to get them right.

You should be able to adjust the sizing ( to a degree as well)

Once you created the signature select how you want it to be sent ( new mails - Replies)