View Full Version : Non-Removable CDROM Drive?

12-05-1999, 09:14 AM
Just prior to the expiry of the 3 year warranty on my computer the primary hard drive became noticably noisy in operation. After consulting the manufacturer they agreed to replace it under the warranty.
My computer is a Kaiyo Pentium 120 with 32Mb of RAM and two physical hard drives of 1.6Gb and .850Gb respectively. It was purchased in January 1996.
After replacing the C: drive and reformatting it I reinstalled Windows 95 (Version 95.0 plus Service Pack 1) and all of my applications.
My problem is that Windows now sees my CDROM drive as a non-removable media drive. The process of Plug & Play scanning detected the correct make and model of CDROM (Creative CD420E) and installed the appropriate driver.
The effect of the problem is that whatever CD happens to be in the drive when the computer boots is seen by Windows as being a hard drive. Changing the CD does not change the files visible in Explorer and it is not possible to access the drive unless the original CD is put back in the drive. If the CD is changed and then the computer is re-booted the new CD can be accessed.
In the Registry under 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ enum/ SCSI/ CREATIVECD420E_____/MF&CHILD0001&PCI&VEN_1045&DEV_C621&BUS_00&DEV_14&FUNC_0010 are the following keys:
AutoInsertNotification 01
ConfigFlags 00 00 00 00
CurrentDriveLetterAssignment 'G:'
DeviceDesc 'CREATIVECD420E'
DeviceType 05
Driver 'CDROM\0002'
Removable 01
among many others. It would appear from the above that the machine should see the drive as a removable media but it persist in seeing it as a non-removable media.
Under the Settings tab of the Properties Box for the CDROM Driver in Systems Properties it has the 'Removable' box greyed out and it is not possible to access this option. I have tried removing and reinstalling the CDROM driver but the machine will not boot up without adding the drive back again. The previous Windows 95 installation was OK and the CDROM worked perfectly.
Could you suggest a solution short of reinstalling Windows 95 again? Each time I have do this I feel that I am infecting my machine with a virus even worse that Melissa!!!!!