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28-11-2018, 05:20 PM
Which protocol do you guy's believe produces the best screen image on your monitor, and which technically should?

VGA, DVI, HDMI,.....................?

Ok, I can use all of those protocols from the same computer to same monitor and am a little surprised by my choice. :)

28-11-2018, 05:23 PM
Anything digital is better than anything analogue. DVI and HDMI will give you the exact same result with a standard 60Hz monitor/screen.

28-11-2018, 07:33 PM
My Samsung screen is 1920 x 1080 with VGA and the picture is great as I do not really know what else to expect. I have tried HDMI but the picture on screen is too wide and I cannot see all the Icons on the left side. The picture is also very bright and I haven't found a way around it. The next setup is down in the 1700's from memory and is far from acceptable. So, it's VGA for me.

28-11-2018, 08:30 PM
Took some time but I think I worked it out.

30-11-2018, 01:48 PM
Ok, the reason I asked this question is it is difficult to find any major difference between any of them, but I would rate DVI fractionally ahead of HDMI which was a surprise to me.

I thought HDMI should have been noticeably better, but not so here.

30-11-2018, 02:11 PM
DVI and HDMI have different bandwidth but if you use the same settings - say 1920 x 1080 @ 60hz for example - then you are getting the exact same digital signal end to end and there should be no difference at all. If there is on the same monitor then something weird is going on because it's receiving the same digital data either way. DVI does support more resolutions and refresh rates depending on what DVI mode but for signals that are supported by both the only difference is that HDMI supports Audio and has a different connector.

VGA is technically inferior, but in practice often looks close enough to make it hard to see a difference. Where it falls down is on long cable runs because the picture is affected by the analogue signal levels which degrade over distance.

I think displayport is the best option if you have it, but again at the same settings it's no different to DVI or HDMI. Digital is digital, you either get the correct signal or you don't. There is no difference to the way the video is transmitted for any of the digtal standards and only differences in the features and resolutions and refresh rates offered by each.