View Full Version : Clipboard in Win10 October update

18-11-2018, 01:07 PM
Hi there.
I'm going crazy. I've discovered the improved clipboard in the latest Windows 10 update and successfully did some tests. Everything worked smoothly and I also pinned one entry. Then I turned the computer off. Next time I hopped on, the clipboard didn't work anymore. Nothing happend after I've pressed the windows key + V. No popup, absolutely nothing. The clipboard history is still ticked in the Settings. Can somebody please help me on how I can get my clipboard back.

19-11-2018, 06:44 AM
Strange, this morning the clipboard was back but without any content (pinned and unpinned entries). Again I successfully did some test runs. Then I rebooted the computer and again, clipboard was gone and I can't get it up at all. Might it have something to do with the complexity of one of the entries? Thank you.

19-11-2018, 10:16 AM
Drum roll: And now the clipboard is back again and this time with the pinned entry. I give up.