View Full Version : XP-compatible ScanButton?

17-01-2002, 11:33 AM
With my Windows ME-based PC 'bundle' I got the now standard scanner, with, naturally, a stack of software - drivers, the Mirascan scanner operating program, ABBYY FineReader OCR, and a top-level GUI called ScanButton (version 3.0), which lets me press one button to scan and OCR a document.

Since upgrading to XP, I have found and installed XP-compatible versions of all the above EXCEPT ScanButton.

When I click the scan/OCR button on ScanButton 3.0, it says 'cannot find ABBYY FineReader 4.0.'

I cannot find the place or method to tell it: No, that's because I now have Version 5.0, you idiot; can I point you to it?

I don't even know who makes ScanButton; I can only find it as a bundled item with scanners, from a variety of vendors.

Can anyone tell me where to find an updated version that is XP- and ABBYY v 5.0 compatible? Or tell me how to convey the above info about my upgrade to the existing version of ScanButton?

I would far rather this than go through the two-step process of scanning with Mirascan and saving to a file which I then OCR separately.