View Full Version : Is anyone familiar with INSCRIBE ??

22-08-2018, 09:55 PM
We have INSCRIBE loaded onto an XP PC that uses a plotter to create beautiful calligraphy on forms, certificates & many other printed items.
It's not & never connected to the internet - hasn't been for ages. It's a stand-alone PC specific to the job of calligraphy.

Generally it loads up well [in DOS] ...
But now it's begun putting up the error "Disk access error during system initialization" - Contact Inscribe.

Now we've tried a lot of things ourselves - no luck. We need to get it going to get our jobs done....
We've contacted Inscribe - but no response yet.

Has anyone got any suggestions?

23-08-2018, 10:41 AM
Has anyone got any suggestions?

Check the Hard Drive for faults and bad sectors.
XP is really old, so a good chance of hard Drive errors


this was the 2nd hit when I googled it