View Full Version : Windows 10 networking

17-08-2018, 01:36 PM
I have a PC and a laptop, both running Win10.

Both computers starts off not being able to see each under "Networks". After a while the PC does see computers, but the laptop does not. The laptop does work if you manually type in the name ie \\ComputerName.

Both computers have discovery turned on, both are using Private Network. Both have print and file sharing turned on.

Under Network settings - the laptop with LAN says is connected to 2Degrees Broadband Private Network. Laptop with WiFi then says is connected to the Fritz!Box Private Network. The PC says it is connected to "Network". The PC doesn't have WiFi. Why the different names ...

Physical layout. Fritz!Box router -> TP Link 8 port network switch -> bedroom1 and bedroom 2.