View Full Version : Problem with Windows 10 Pro

25-07-2018, 05:10 PM
One of my computers is dual booted Windows 10 Pro with Mint 18.3
I have a Linux4 Dos loader on the MBR.
For some unknown reason when Windows 10 closes, Linux says that Windows 10 (C or SDA1) is read only/hibernated. Fast boot is disabled, and it is not hibernated, there is no 'hyberfil' file. It works fine, except that I can not update the loader from Linux. I have now made another partition 'boot', with a loader on it, which works fine, but it used to be Ok in the MBR/SDA1. The permissions on the loader files are Total. Gpartedit shows the SDA1 partition as 'unmounted', and not hibernated. This happened after Windows did an update.

Any suggestions?