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30-05-2018, 10:17 AM
Hi. A friend in Uruguay has a few problems with W10 but mostly with her MSOffice 2013 she had installed. Basically the MSO program was removed and made useless because the MSOCache was nowhere to be found in the computer thus rendering a 'Repair' of MSO from Control Panel Programs and Features by clickong on the entry for MSO and choosing Repair. With there being no MSOCache to repair from well it wasn't going to happen The main downside of this no MSO is that she used Outlook for emails and that is nowhere to be seen.
So what I did via TeamViewer was uninstal the 338 MB remnant of MSO showing in the Control Panel>Add/remove programs and as she had lost her MSO 2013 instal disc we installed 32 Bit MSOffice 2007 Enterprise which got her up and running again. Now this is where the proverbial hits the fan.
All of her emails and contacts in Outlook are gone. No show at all.... I have tried finding the .pst or .ost folder/files in User/AppData/Local/MSoft/Outlook and there is nada...nothing to be seen there at all (I haven't checked in Documents for an Outlook folder yet because she is not available at the moment and I cannot connect in TeamView to look.)
So, where have all her Outlook emails and saved contacts list disappered??? No, she hadn't made a copy of her contacts in Notepad and saved it to 'E' Partition.

There is more dirt under the fingernails on this whole subject that comes from her having taken her notebook to a techno for repair as she had lost her Internet connection and was being informed that the Internet connection didn't have a valid IP Address. Not having internet meant I couldn't go in there and do a fix with either a Command Prompt Release and Renew Ip to get it back on the go,, if that would get past the Block I had put on a nuisance web-page that kept opening to Russian Casino sites everytime she opened to play FB Hit it Rich game. Because as soon as I had copied the URL and blocked it in Comodo IS 10 Firewall, Global Rules, she lost all wifi/Internet use. I think I caused that to happen by copy/paste the URL into Comodo Firewall.

We tried System Restore which did nothing and as she had never done any of these actions before it was real hard trying to explain what to do to get into Syst Restore to a 75 year old Spanish woman on a mobile phone and using Messenger to contact and receive relies from me. Exacerbated by the facts that my Spanish Language skill is not far from zero and her English is ok but gets lost in 'Tenses' and Google Translate isn't the best in the World for translation of long sentences.

I was trying to get her to disable Comodo IS or the Firewall for 15-30 minutes to hopefully stop that Global Rule I had entered and get her internet on the go again so I could get in and remove the URL Block but trying to explain how to do it was exceedingly difficult. I even advised she go into Control Panel/Add Remove Progs and uninstal Comodo to try to get the Internet working again..but that didn't happen.

So, cut to the quick: Where the heck are her Outlook .pst/.ost records hiding? Amy advice appreciated. I have read quite a few posts on the matter dating back t0 2003 and am considering having a go with some of the suggested replies to them when I gat access to her computer today.

The final part to this post I will tell: it relates to the Techo to whom she took the notebook for repair. She picked it up 4 days after she had taken it to him and when she got it home it had internet connection (YAY!!!) but it was found that Comodo IS 10 was no longer installed, nor was MalwareBytes and several other programs and McAfee had been installed. But the worst of it is the MSOffice having been removed and only leaving 335 MB of the program on the computer. It was the removal of that MSO and the MSOCache folder that prevented the recovery/repair of the MSOffice 2013 that was installed prior to the ' Internet' fix. And not only but also, she told me that the Techno didn't have WiFi...so how did he check to see if the fault had been repaired? When she told me that I was stunned...and said that he could have connected using wired Ethernet and created a new Connection in Internet options on her computer and then removed it after testing Internet connection is working...but all a bit technical for my dear Uruguayan friend.

As said, any and all replies will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

30-05-2018, 10:50 AM
Where the heck are her Outlook .pst/.ost records hiding? In the users Folder, Documents /Outlook Files.

As for getting 2013 back you can go to www.office.com/my account sign in with the details when it was made and re-download it. Office 2013 did come on a DVD, and could be installed without an account. but you will still need the product key to activate it again.

Don't know how good or clean these are, they "claim" to be direct links, looking at the target it says Microsoft, but who knows, they are img files, whicjh when downlaoded, double clicking them W10 will mount & open, click Setup. They are for Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus ( still need the original license key).


30-05-2018, 10:59 AM
Uninstalling Office wont delete a PST. The OST wont be of any real use now even if you could find it

PST's could have been in a few places , in appdata or Mydocs subdirectory .
IF the user profile was deleted (incl the folders) and a new user profile created, then PST would be gone. Seems unlikely.

I suspect we dont have the full story.
perhaps the HD was failing corrupting data, or making data unreadable : more likely
why was it taken to the 'tech' in the first place
perhaps Office had been flagged and de-activated . Perhaps Office was so corrupt that a repair via add/remove wasnt possible (it happens)

Removing Comodo IS 10 : well I'll give 10/10 for doing that :-)

30-05-2018, 11:04 AM
Oops typo. The address at MS is www.office.com/myaccount ( put a space in by mistake) :(

30-05-2018, 12:12 PM
The outside tech just reinstalled the o/s? So all traces of old install gone?

"McAfee had been installed"

30-05-2018, 12:13 PM
wainuitech, thanks for that info. She going to have to find her Office DVD to get the Product and License keys. As Office 2013 is gone from computer using magic jelly bean will not find th
at info. Cheers, I will check out the links you supplied.

30-05-2018, 12:18 PM
1101,, thanks. it was taken to the tech solely to get the Internet connection fixed.... and not to be backed up and then be Reset to Factory and then have Docs/Vids etc loaded back to the Reset System...which was/ is a thought in my mind as to what happened. But just a thought. I recommender Comodo to her as the Avast Home she was using was giving her grief. I use Comodo IS 10 :D

30-05-2018, 12:24 PM
zqwerty...... hard to tell really but I am thinking a Reset to Factory was performed after a backup of docs and other folders/files was done so they could be loaded back to the reset OS. As for McAfee being there that could well have been the AV that came preloaded with the Notebook when she bought it...or after the tech removed Comodo etc he installed McAfee. I mean look at the progs that were no longer installed to her computer...MSOffice 2013...MalwareBytes...Comodo IS 10......there are others I cannot remember their name at this moment. Thanks for your reply

30-05-2018, 12:25 PM
wainuitech... all good, thanks :D

30-05-2018, 12:41 PM
1101.... a question about .pst and .ost but I won't ask it now because they are both stored in the Users/Appdata etc folder in C Drive as far as I know...my question was are .pst files saved at computer and deleted from Server once downloaded to save in email client app and are .ost files saved indefinitely at the Mail Server but I was getting confused and thinking Mail Client and if she had/has POP or IMAP. IMAP saves all emails at the server and can be accessed on any device from anywhere....so I believe. Oh yeah and MS Office 2013 started saving .pst etc to a folder named Outlook in Documents and not in Appdata location. But I did not see any Outlook folder in the Documents folder in her computer.....Thanks

30-05-2018, 04:18 PM
the Block I had put on a nuisance web-page that kept opening to Russian Casino sites everytime she opened to play FB Hit it Rich game.

What? Why didn't you just remove the hijacker?

31-05-2018, 11:30 AM
1101....are .pst files saved at computer and deleted from Server once downloaded to save in email client app and are .ost files saved indefinitely at the Mail Server

sort of, but not really. I think I know what youre asking
OST is a local cache/copy of email on the sever
PST : those emails can be on the PC OR on the PC & the server

was the email setup as pop3, imap , 365 ?
if pop3 were the settings "delete from server"

Use webmail , see whats still on the mail server
If you cant find the old PST, then its gone, along with old email & contacts
You could try for a data recovery, but it may be too late for that .

You need to find out EXACTLY what the tech did & why

What? Why didn't you just remove the hijacker?
exactly . Theres more to this issue I'd bet.