View Full Version : Transferring files from one Windows 10 Pro to another - on wifi network?

27-05-2018, 07:16 PM
Apologies in advance - I think this has already been answered - but I can't find it just now.:(

Since I now have Windows 10 successfully updated to Version 1803, I have obviously not got Homegroup now. So how to I easily transfer files to my lappy from my desktop - please?

I can 'see' each computer on the other, but it seems to only offer the choices available in Windows Media Player (not suitable to the file types I am trying to move).

I seem to remember doing this in the past (prior Homegroup days), but I have forgotten the details.

As always - any help is truly appreciated. :)

27-05-2018, 08:28 PM
Simple as falling off a log :D Famous last words LOL

They (dont know who "they" actually are) SAY a picture is worth a thousand words so a video must be worth a few more :)

Have a look at the following video, I slowed the actions down a bit. (Follow the Arrow with red)But basically you change the network setting in the control panel, then make sure the workgroup name is the same on every PC and it should work. Yeah yeah MSHOME I know is old but I cant be stuffed changing it ;)

Where I click Cancel you'll need to click save. ( a reboot is required if workgroup name is altered). The default is workgroup and can be left alone.


If you need to share folders that can be done after dinner :p

27-05-2018, 09:52 PM
Thanks. I did have all of the first part done, but seem to have stuffed up with the second part.

I might have another go in the cold light of morning... I remember going into sharing options with various drives (I have many!) under the old Homegroup system - is that what you are talking about in 'sharing'?

27-05-2018, 10:09 PM
Last for today :) On the right window is the shared folders in this PC, on the left I'll create a new folder, share it, when its shared you'll see it appear on the right. :) Any existing folders you want to share follow on the properties and they should be good to go.

If you wanted to add permissions that's a different story. Sharing a whole drive doesn't always work.

Sharing: https://streamable.com/81st5

27-05-2018, 10:16 PM
Ok - many thanks. But I will tackle it in the am and see how a I go!

Yes - that av looks familiar. But there is still something a bit odd. On the laptop, both computers show only as media devices (not as computers). On the desktop, both computers show as media devices again, but only the desktop shows as a computer.

28-05-2018, 10:36 AM
On the top bar you can type in the computer name. If one is called Computer1.

You can type:
\\Computer1 [ENTER]