View Full Version : Intel SSD and W10 update 1803 - sghould I roll back?

09-05-2018, 09:36 PM
My C: is INTEL SSDSC2CT120A3 - an early model only 120 GB

I have just updated my W10 to 1803 17134.48

Now I read on Guru3D


that I should go back to an earlier image???

"MS mentioned 'certain' Intel SSDs, but does not name them specifically by model. Windows 10 users with an Intel SSD, who already installed the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, are advised to return to an earlier version of their operating system. This can be done by pressing F8 during boot-time. For now, owners of those systems wonít get the update automatically and canít start the update manually"

Should I take this advice? I haven't struck any problems with 1803 but I have only had it a few hours and have not rebooted

10-05-2018, 07:19 AM
My PC had an update overnight and when I got up this morning it was trying to boot up and failed, showing the dots rotating on the monitor
I presume it was caused by the update mentioned above.
See also: https://www.windowslatest.com/2018/05/09/windows-10-kb4103721-bugs/

I eventually got it to roll back to the earlier Windows 10 version 1709

Similarly I started my laptop this morning and that also failed after an update and restart with KB4103721 just installed

Now I am going to have to try and roll that back as well to Windows 10 Version 1709

10-05-2018, 07:37 AM
Got the Laptop back to the earlier version 1709 using F11 (or in my case Fn + F11) from power up
I should have noted the steps I took to select the revert to earlier version option but didn't, sorry.

For those that have not already restarted then there are other options for reverting to the earlier version.

10-05-2018, 08:26 AM
I am having problems with KB4103727 on Windows 10 Version 1709 failing to install on bothe the laptop and desktop

I came across this on line and it seems there are problems on both the KB4103721 (for version 1803) and KB4103727 (for Version 1709)

I have uninstalled the KB4103727 on the laptop, will do the same on the desktop too I think as I dont want anymore hassles.

I will wait for Microsoft to come out with a fix.

10-05-2018, 09:52 AM
Should I take this advice? I haven't struck any problems with 1803 but I have only had it a few hours and have not rebooted

If its working now you should be OK. But backup before restarting :)

It looks like that issue only happens during the install
"Microsoft learned that devices with certain Intel SSDs repeatedly crashed during the installation of the update"

10-05-2018, 04:50 PM
But backup before restarting

I did and it came up fine. Great picture of NZ. I wonder where it's stored?

(The system image took almost exactly 4 minutes. 68.5GB to EVO 960)

Speedy Gonzales
25-05-2018, 01:06 PM
Yesterday's update should have fixed this prob