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24-04-2018, 05:32 PM
In Rightsideup Land - Linux is running pretty good right now (shhhh! don't say that too loudly!)

Just lettin' youse guys know!

I'll be gone a while - I've gotta drive a U-Haul moving van (NZ= household possessions lorry) to Des Moines and I'll be gone a bit.

I am towing a rental car on a 2 wheel dolly all the way - and driving the car back. That way it won't get mileage on the odometer since the front wheels will be off the ground!

Anyway - I'll be trout fishing as soon as I cross into Montana, I can't afford to buy three state's worth of non-resident fishing licenses!

I have a gen-u-wine Montana license! I hear trout voices in the wind that gently blows from the east!

Wait for me fishies! Wait for me! I'll be there!

I also get to CCW my new pistol - er, 'bear repellent' in the other states as they honor Montana's laws for persons just driving through. That courtesy exists for 30 days - but I'll be long gone by that time.

I'll be in four other states that I never wuz in -- and I've never been to Des Moines either. Should be fun.

Oh yeah - all expenses paid - meals, motel rooms and gas for the moving van and the rental car.

I have to bring a few changes of unders and such - but even the batteries for my Cobra Micro-FSR/SRS walkie-talkies are not on my dime!

Oh yeah - fishing poles and backpack for my lures etc. I should just make my 'don't forget this' list right here - but youse guys wouldn't like that I bet. B-O-R-I-N-G!

I shall return! :wub

24-04-2018, 06:17 PM
Safe Travel Joe, look forward to some photos. :)

24-04-2018, 07:26 PM
I'm taking my Kodak (yes, SurferJoe has a Kodak, but it's a digital, not a Brownie) and my tablet for some pictures.

Thank-you for the well-wishes. I expect a nice trip, what with following a nice old lady in her 1951 Rambler (not really) and she drives so slowly that we'll need a motel for what should normally be a full 14 hour, 1-day, 2-driver trip.

I'll have a co-driver ---> he's another retired old guy who doesn't have to clock into a job and can waste a few days of what's left of his precious lifespan going east to Des Moines, following the taillights of a Rambler.

The fishing and motel rooms and meals will more than compensate me.

I said I was cheap; I'm just not easy!

Thankfully I've never had a chargeable accident - never. I've been in some big ones though - whew-wee!

But I've never been an accident creator - just a passenger who got mangled -----> a lot.

24-04-2018, 07:30 PM
Day-um!........................ I highjacked my own tech-post!

How's that - a new record for me!!! Two posts in and it's gone all flibbity-flodgetty.

Well --- it started out technical anyway.

24-04-2018, 10:52 PM
Des Moines, Iowa? That’s quite a road trip from where you are! Sounds like a lot of fun, and partly paid for? Hope you have a great time and the fishin’ is good!
Take care, Pics please?...... LL. :)

25-04-2018, 04:50 PM
Pictures for sure!

The trip is fully paid for per diem and everything. Gas (as needed - she gives us her credit card and authorization number) - lodging (motel, 3 nights + Continental Breakfast) - meals for 5 days x3 each day - return car rental (including gas and rental/mileage fees) - everything!

There's two of us driving the moving van - we drive for 2 hour shifts (old guys and their prostates!)

The woman moving is a little older than I am and she has a co-driver too.

We don't load, unload or even handle any of the furniture or whatever's in the moving van. That will be up to several young, powerful and eager boys who can press their weight in gold bars.

I'm bringing fishing gear, two guitars and sleeping bags. I won't know what to do! Fish, play music or sleep!

I've got a lawn to mow and edge tomorrow, haul a small trailer full of evergreen boughs and pine cones, fill three 100 lb propane tanks, pack my gear.

The propane and the grass mowing is for the number of days I'll be gone - and I just KNOW that as I'm going down the driveway, Rosanna will run outta coking gas. I don't want to come home to a 4' high jungle when I get back.

We are in maximum growing season right now and the water table's high - getting higher and soon our north 20 acres will be gooshy - with water about 6 inches below the surface again this year. We have very high water tables here - we are actually in a prehistoric river bead and it's some of the growing-est dirt I've ever seen.

I'll check my SD card in my Kodak tonight - and I'll also have my Samsung tablet for other pictures too.