View Full Version : CPU fan may whirl at shutdown

23-04-2018, 10:36 AM

From my past post regarding the "blank black loading screen" issue, there is something I've forgotten to also mention. I don't know if this issue is somewhat related to the blank screens or something completely different?

The issue I've been encountering when the blank screen occurs, is when I press the power button or reset button on my computer hard drive, the CPU will attempt to spin and then stop. It will spin again for less than 3 seconds then stop and so on. Until then, I'll switch the power button at the back of my PSU off completely for a couple of seconds (40secs) and switch the computer back on again. Again, the CPU will start spinning, the lights come on and then turn off. It will start up again etc.

This happened early Sunday morning, and it took me 30 mins (estimation) until I windows was finally up and running again. Before I managed to launch Windows 10 again, an error message appeared indicating that my "main bios was corrupt". I took the next step in updating my bios from Gigabyte web server. Computer runs fine, but am curious to explain why my CPU will start and stop with little or no power?

Could this be a PSU problem?

I've even swapped my existing power cord in place of a brand new one if that helps?