View Full Version : ZORG?

07-04-2018, 05:50 AM
I hit CTRL+ ALT+ BACKSPACE and saw things that I've never seen before....some i recognized but didn't know existed in Linux Land!

I saw bicycles, strange buildings, an old high school yearbook picture of me in Pompton Plains, New Jersey circa 1960 or 1961.

Then it asked for my password..... and it all went away.

What happened?

How'd it find those pictures.... especially of me in my school pictures?

07-04-2018, 09:05 AM
I just did it and all it does is log you out.

07-04-2018, 01:42 PM
ZORG ??? you sure that's not XORG?

07-04-2018, 02:47 PM
No - it said 'ZORG".

Maybe there's something wrong?

07-04-2018, 04:04 PM
Mint 17.3? not sure if its using lightdm or mdm but the background changer be random pictures from files you have on your computer or an internet drive I would assume.

Not sure what zorg is, maybe a random picture but xorg be more familiar, it runs the xserver which Ctrl+alt+BkSpace kills.

Other than that, I'm out of ideas of what you have experienced.

07-04-2018, 04:16 PM
Maybe if I get sporty, I'll try it again.