View Full Version : HDMI Switch problem

25-03-2018, 09:23 AM
I am using a 3-Port 3x1 Switch as the TV only has two HDMI and I need three. Am on Vodafone cable. HDMI1 goes to the Digital Recorder.

HDMI2 goes to the Switch and two of the Inputs go to a Chromecast and DVD player. Chromecast works ok.

The problem is with the DVD player. It will work ok for a few minutes and then for some reason switches back to HDMI1. I am using the TV USB to power the Chromcast and the Switch has its own power supply.

I have no knowledge of these electronic switches and I suspect that it may be the fault of the switcher. Can someone with knowledge of these switchers help please.?

28-03-2018, 08:25 AM
Sound like a power supply issue does the switch have a separate power adaptor? If not see if there is a DC socket where you could add one. You could try disconnecting the Chrome cast to see if that helps. You may be trying to draw too much current from the HDMI port.

28-03-2018, 01:01 PM
If it's auto switching then the digital recorder might be sending a signal.

Switch them around and see if it picks the digital recorder again at a different position.

The thing with HDMI is that devices can control what they are connected to via HDMI, sometimes at inconvenient times too. I use to have one but it was more trouble than what it was worth, so I got an HDMI extender, and manually switched cords when needed.

If it however switches back to HDMI1, then its probably is power related.

Sorry, seems it's devices controlling the TV, the switch may contribute to that too, but try DVD player and digital recorder without switch and Chromecast and see if it does it, then do switch with just DVD player. Maybe the switch interferes with commands. Think it's called HDMI CEC