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Koenig Tiger
16-03-2018, 01:10 PM
At work have Office 365 i.e 2016 and when opening word or xlsx docs it takes so long to open whereas at home have 2010 on pc which is so much faster i.e immediately...

With office 365 it takes over 11 minutes to upload changes to filters/rules etc.We have 50mbs speed at work fibre...

So I was wondering about uninstalling word 2016 and excel 2016 at work and re-installing word 2010 and excel 2010 so it on actual pc and will therefore open faster etc...I won't touch Outlook 2016 mail as can't remove obviously...

I'm pretty sure I can do this but want to check with you guys first as work pc...to be sure.

Appreciate any comments/advice and what to do and what not to do etc...and how best to do...


16-03-2018, 01:29 PM
There's probably more to it, I use 365 at work and it doesn't act like that. Are these local files or network files? Using network or cloud based storage can really slow things down but that's not the programs fault.
The only way to find out would be to run both versions on the same machine and compare though.

365 is still installed locally, you seem to indicate it isn't. It's paid for by monthly subscription but it's still a local app. Unless you are using the online apps via your browser which is a different thing offered as an extra feature of 365.

16-03-2018, 01:33 PM
No issues for us here, on Office 2016, and many customers also with no issues.

You won't be able to have Office 2010 and 2016 installed at the same time as they will conflict.
Also if the files being worked on are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint then Office 2010 won't be able to access those as easily.

16-03-2018, 01:54 PM
Sometimes if office is looking for a network printer or some other device that will slow both word and excel when loading. Before they open fully they need to locate the devices.

To narrow it down, is this a laptop that goes from work-home or two separate computers ?

If its separate computers then the problem most likely will be at work, not office its self.

Koenig Tiger
16-03-2018, 03:05 PM
@Dugimodo :these are local files on my c: and also within Outlook as attached and always open slowly and I assumed it's checking with server wherever and they always open so slowly....okay if 365 is still installed locally then no benefit the I guess...

All I know is my home pc opens anything on c drive immediately as it always has...I lost this when the Muppets at work changed to 365 .....I stop fiddling until I get my speed back.....Don't use anything via browser ever as even slower...

Koenig Tiger
16-03-2018, 03:13 PM
@wainutech: nah two separate pc's I5 HP W7 at work and I7 W10 at home.... both desktops...if at work they have 50mbs fibre download and 10mbs upload so isn't that sufficient ? At home I have 205.86 mbs download and 20mbs upload but ofcourse as office 2010 at home don't use hence it's immediate in opening things....

Boss took server out to go to the cloud which I asked him not to but he didn't listen ofcourse...as he was talked into it but our so called IT Muppets...and regretting bit time and I have told him we need more download but especially upload speed...Any help or advice where to look or what to do next appreciated.

16-03-2018, 03:18 PM
The issue isnt Office 2016 . At least not very likely .

Could be the work PC is a slow pig , Win10 slowdown issues , slow cloud access .
Or 2016 configured in a bizzare way. AV issues, etc etc

To test.
Save a docx onto the desktop . Close Word , double click that docx on the desktop & see how fast it opens
If that doesnt help, unplug from network & repeat the test.

16-03-2018, 03:34 PM
A Lot of the time its not actually Office causing the problem directly.

Some info missing that may be important:

What Addons are running ?
What happens if you open a New blank page ( word or excel)
Have you tried opening the Apps in their safemode ?
What type of security programs are running ?
Once they open is there any lag when entering data ?

This line in original post suggests data is on a network storage someplace

With office 365 it takes over 11 minutes to upload changes to filters/rules etc.We have 50mbs speed at work fibre.
Further posts its mentioned "these are local files on my c:"

Just trying to figure out the exact layout of what's where.

MANY things can cause the programs to slow down.

One business I do work for, had similar it was a damn Apple addon causing all sorts of problems.

One way to narrow things down.

Open and create a New Document. (Locally) save it, see how it opens - if its slow then that's a Start. If Is slow, press WindowsKey +R (run Command) type in winword.exe /safe You'll get a page looking like its setting up, just continue, next File-Open - Locate the local document - see how long it takes. If its quicker there's an addon causing problems.

What may be happening is the original files if they have been moved, there may be paths still in the files that are looking for a now non existent server or other device. Hence try a new document locally ( its only a test) :)

EDITED: damn 1101 beat me to it while mass editing lol.

16-03-2018, 04:00 PM
You could try disconnecting from the network and opening some local files to see if that makes a difference.

At work I have mapped network drives that are all over the country and I use onedrive for my local storage. I also have 2 network printers added. Technically the onedrive files are on my local C: drive and sync to the cloud in the background. I've noticed when opening files from my C: drive or onedrive that although it's normally pretty fast sometimes it stalls for ages, several minutes at times. The working theory is that regardless of whether I'm using anything on the network or not when windows is having trouble connecting to something on the network (printer, mapped drive?) it holds everything else up. I've never found a fix for it but luckily it's not all the time for me.

Anyway this is me just guessing, don't take it as anything more than that.

17-03-2018, 07:59 AM
Not very technical
But I think its best to stick with Office 365.
That is where MS is putting all of its energy and they want everyone to be on it.
So its best to try to sort out the issues.

18-03-2018, 11:33 AM
It may be a daft idea, but why not use Libre Office or similar? I avoid Microsoft software as much as possible.

Koenig Tiger
19-03-2018, 02:11 PM
Addons running :none as Excel says no active addins....Outlook has Actions Items,Bing maps,My templates,Outolook customer manager,suggested meetings all installed by default...it would apear...Should I disable any? I says you can but can't uninstall

Rules are stored on the MS office 365 server I guess?? yes 10-11 minutes to upload....unreal....

opening blank word or excel sheet is good enough speed wise...security programs only one running is Trend Micro " Worry Free Business Security " .I have run malware bytes also and it finds nothing...

saving doc on desktop it opens okay and acceptable but quicker still in save mode.... what does this mean? No lag when entering data....opening attached word or excel files in outlook alot slower....

Running W7 64bit with 4gb ram 250gb hdd business work HP PC

Only network is an old xp sp3 pc with two usb drives running which open okay speed wise that is...set this up to provide a backup source when server taken out...so this is for backup only.....

Hope I have answered everything okay....let me know if I should try anything else....

19-03-2018, 02:24 PM
Gut feeling ( or was that what I ate for lunch) :D Trend micro !!

Have a read: alter as required to test.


Being it was going OK when the server was local Trend may be looking for it causing slowness ( only a guess)

OR go into the addons in word and excel and see if you can disable the trend options.

If its working faster in safe mode then something is running or scanning in the background to cause it when running normally. Not Office its self.

What security software do you have installed on the Home PC ?

Koenig Tiger
19-03-2018, 02:27 PM
@mzee not an option as in work environment so have to be careful what I do...otherwise I would perhaps...

Koenig Tiger
19-03-2018, 02:30 PM
@cyabro...not using onedrive or share point as way to slow...hence why I setup old xp pc with two use hdd's which is way faster....

Koenig Tiger
19-03-2018, 02:46 PM

Knew you'd say that about TM but have used it since 2000 at home without issue or any infections....and yes still running latest version 12 without issue at home...

Have checked and no TM addons running in anything...interesting article....

AvoidExcelSaveIssue=0 is already correct....

First thing in morning it's bad i.e slow as...starting to wonder if it's the pc and 4GB ram is not exactly heaps is it?

19-03-2018, 04:08 PM
Sometimes you have to take a step back, and ask a simple question.

WHATS CHANGED between when it was working OK and Now. ??

Could be the smallest thing, some settings changed, programs updated etc.

The ones I really Love ( being sarcastic) :p you ask a person that and they say nothing has been changed, you spend ages scratching your head because everything looks and is set right ?? THEN they say something like -- Oh we just altered <insert what it was> That wouldn't have any effect would it ?? :waughh: :mad: :mad:

you feel like saying ----- oh for ****s sake you could have told me that when I first asked and saved all the troubles grrrrrrrrrrrr

Koenig Tiger
20-03-2018, 12:35 PM
Thankyou all for the great input and I'll keep working on this and if it wasn't a work pc I'd just blow it away and do a clean install.

Wondering about disabling the protected mode during excel/work openings etc? Wonder if this would help....

Koenig Tiger
22-03-2018, 01:06 PM
yep terminating "Protected View" certainly does the trick....