View Full Version : Linux Doom audio and Graphics problems

13-01-2002, 03:00 PM

I have just installed doom for linux (mandrake 8.0). It is installed into /usr/games/doom/ and the loading file is called 'rundoom'. when I execute 'rundoom' using the command

from in a terminal window it first asks

'can your computer support sound?' my computer can, so I select yes. When it has finished runing through most of it's loading it says:

Error: xdoom currently only supports 256-color PseudoColor screens


musserver: no synth devices found, exiting.

If I choose not to use sound it gives me only the message about using pseudoColour screens...

how do I resolve these two issues? Do I need to get a 'PseudoColour' screen? and what about the sound problem? It's be good to run it with Audio. I also tried changing my display to 256 colours, but that didn't help...

thanks in advance,


13-01-2002, 03:09 PM
I think the Synth error is because your sound card or driver doesn't support MIDI. There may be an option to turn music off.

I think the other error wants you to switch to 256 colour mode (done thru the mandrake control center) as X seems to only support changing resolutions.

13-01-2002, 11:20 PM

Yes, changing to 256 colour mode did fix it after all. I was unaware that I needed to restart X before the changes took effect. As for the Audio, I tried running it with sound on anyway, and miraculously it worked! However, when I play it it runs in a tiny window in the corner of the screen. In addition to the small screen there is a big fullscreen olne which changes colour sometimes and has the desktop slightly visible through it. I think that this is attempting to be a full screen version, but that something isn't quite right... any ideas?