View Full Version : Random restarts -Windows 10

02-03-2018, 04:34 PM
Hi there, I have a brand new HP laptop that sometimes randomly restarts itself.. :confused:
Anyone know what's likely to cause this... am I best to get it looked at under warranty?

02-03-2018, 04:41 PM
If its brand New, and its shutting down, then Yep.

Are you sure its not restarting after doing some sort of update ?

Is there anything you are doing and it causes it to shutdown every time ?

Like a Dell Laptop I have here, the motherboard is faulty, its NOT the OS either, its does the same thing in W10, W7 AND Linux. In fact its worse in Linux. :(

02-03-2018, 04:56 PM
Hey WT. Possibly, I think I installed pretty much all of the updates before it started - about a day or 2 later lol. The first time it happened I had only just booted it up & it restarted.

Today it had been going fine since this morning no prob then all of a sudden...

02-03-2018, 06:48 PM
HP linked me to an update for the bios....so will see if that fixes it. Thanks!

02-03-2018, 07:27 PM
You can check the logs to see if it says anything.

Click Search type in Reli Open the Reliability History result ( there will only be one) look at the logs/Graph see if anything is marked with a X or some other indication at the time it rebooted, look to see if it gives any sort of info about something crashing.