View Full Version : Win 98 School Networking

10-05-1999, 09:05 PM
I am in charge of a small network of 11 Win 98 machines set up in a peer to peer network via a hub with a shared printer and internet connection (using WinGate). The 'server' has individual folders for each of the students and these also are shared so that they can access their files from any machine on the network. Occasionally when a lot of the students are saving their work to the server, one or more machines come up with an error stating that there is no room on the hard drive, and that saving is not possible. Unfortunately using 'save as' in order to save locally comes up with the same message. We are using a MSclient/TCIP protocol setup. So far I think the problem has only occurred when using MSWorks. You can imagine the horror of losing hours of work (even though I do encourage them to save regularly). What protocol do you recommend for our situation and could this be a collision problem?
Very frustrating for the students, let alone for me!