View Full Version : Seemingly impossible to delete a particular old contact email address from Gmail

21-02-2018, 01:41 PM
We have old friends who went to live in Melbourne for one year and came back eighteen years later. They are now happily ensconsed in the South Island. Their email addresses in Melbourne were @Bigpond. I have replaced their email addresses with their new ones. However whenever I go to "Compose" a new email then I put a name in and it comes up with the name @Bigpond, with no other choices.

I have even managed to have the old email address shown in Compose and asked Gmail to search ...... but I get the answer that it is not a contact.

Now the @Bigpond address is most definitely NOT in the Contacts list. I have checked and I do NOT have any old emails from them from that email address. I have gone into My (Google) Account - but no joy.

I have done Google searches on the problem and kept getting stuff from 2010 and about Outlook, etc. None were of help. I fine-tuned my search and made for the past year and specified Gmail, but the limited suggestions available have not helped.

HELP PLEASE - I have spent hours on this!

21-02-2018, 05:22 PM
Go to: My Account
Under Personal Settings Click:

View data stored with this account

Under Contacts: Click: Manage contacts
Then notice that there are two lists:
My Contact
All Contacts
(Most likely the email address you wish to remove is under All Contacts, so search carefully)
Find the emails you wish to remove and click then DELETE CONTACT

This is in gmails webserver or a specific email program?

22-02-2018, 10:15 AM
Thanks piroska
They certainly don't make it easy! Even with all my navigational skills coupled with your very helpful directions I struggled, but got there. So Many Thanks~

Incidentally, I have not been very active for the last year at least on PressF1 so don't know if this covered, but I was interested to read -

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