View Full Version : Extract Office 2013 install key ?

15-02-2018, 10:31 AM
can the Office 2013 install key still be extracted via a product key program ?

I havnt had any success so far, and are seeing wildly conflicting info on my google searches on how to .

Some claim the 2013 key can be recovered
others say it can never be recovered as they claim " "Office 2013 installers remove all but the last five characters of the install product key once the installation completes. "

Programs that worked for 2010 keys dont seem to work

15-02-2018, 11:55 AM
With office 2013 & 2016 the full keys are not actually held on the computer.

Some say Belarc will show, but again its only the last 5 digits., What belarc say is:

Purchasers of Office 2013 and later usually receive only a Product Key Card and instructions to download office from the office.com web site. The 25 character key on that Product Key Card is not your office install key, but instead an entitlement key allowing you to install office from that web site.

Just ran Belarc over one of mine that has Office 2013, and yes it showed the last 5 digits that are correct.

One other program I use a lot is from Lazesoft -keyfinder http://www.lazesoft.com/lazesoft-windows-key-finder.html

When running that over Office 2013, it comes up with a 25 Digit Key, completely different to what the install key is. no idea if it would reinstall and work or not.

Otherwise - you'll have to log into the persons account and re-download from there.

15-02-2018, 04:31 PM
Yup as wainuitech said, Office 2013 and 2016 keys ARE NOT stored on the computer.
I read so many times online people saying use Belarc, produkey or whatever key reader.
Doesn't matter which one you use, they WILL NOT find the key, except for the last 5 digits, as it is not stored anywhere on the computer for them to be able to read it.

You'll either need to dig up the product key card that came with in the Office package that you bought (Office 2013) or log into the Microsoft account that the key was associated with when it was first installed.