View Full Version : Any experience of an Epson Projector EB-980W?

09-02-2018, 11:52 AM
I am the chairman of a SeniorNet group (non-profit) of 270 members. We have two projectors, one a Hitachi we want to replace. We have never found the colour reproduction good on this particular machine. We are looking at an Epson Projector EB-980W. The room used is medium size and tutoring (by volunteers) takes place during the day. In this room the main use is for photo editing - Photoshop and Affinity. It has seven desks with PC's (to give another idea of the size of the room). We switch off the lights and close the blinds, so light is minimal during tutoring. Distance of the projector to screen is about 3 1/2 metres.

Have not been able to arrange a demonstration, but the online help and Noel Leemings think that it is fit for purpose. Anyone who has experience with this projector, I would love to hear from you.