View Full Version : CD-ROM drive not recognised

10-05-1999, 06:03 PM
I have an older 486DX Overdrive CPU PC which will not recognise the CD-ROM drive I have installed.
The motherboard is: OPTI 495SLC 3406 Rev1.1.
Bios is: 40-040B-00101111-111192-OP49SLC-F.
The CD-ROM is a Creative 4X and I am running Windows 95. I have previously had a 2nd hard drive installed on this ribbon as a slave when I was running Win 3.1, which ran successfully.
In Device Manager the CD driver is indicating IRQ 11 OIE8 - OIEF and showing a hardware conflict, but no other device is using this IRQ. I do not have a jumper setting/manual for my board and do not know how to reconfigure the IRQ settings or addresses. Are you able to help in any way to overcome my problem?
As a relative new comer to PC's I have learnt alot in the last year on my own and work PC's and this is the first problem I have not been able to solve.I am an engineer and have enjoyed reading your magazine for the last few months.
Thanks and regards,
Ian Hocking