View Full Version : Uninstalling FirstAid 97

09-05-1999, 12:57 AM
Im am asubscriber to PC World plus. Recently I installed FirstAid 97 to try and some weeks later decided to uninstall it. I used the uninstall procedure through the Windows 95 control panel. When I restarted my PC it stopped loading windows and the following warning notice appeared.

Cannot find a device file that may be needed to run Windows or a windows application
The windows registry or SYSTEM.INI file refers to this device file, but the device file no longer exists
If you deleted this file on purpose, try uninstalling the associated application using its uninstall or setup program.
If you still want to use the application associated with this device file, try reinstalling that application to replace the missing file.

If I press any key, as the screen says, windows will continue to load but it is annoying to have to do this.

I have tried reinstalling FirstAid 97 from the CD but it will not install as it says there is an existing copy on the computer. This is even though I originally followed the prescribed uninstall procedure.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can overcome this problem?


Malcom Collier