View Full Version : Email sent from Gamil but not received by Xtra

14-09-2017, 10:21 PM
Hi Folks

I am trying to fix a friends email.

They have 2 accounts - an xtra.co.nz account, and a Gmail.

The Gmail is business "G Suite" account with a custom @lastname.co.nz.

Xtra email was rejecting all Gmail addresses. Logged into xtra webmail, found "@gmail.com" in the blacklist (?!) so removed it. They can now receive from all personal Gmail accounts.

But this "G Suite" email address still cannot send to the xtra. I have logged into Gmail webmail, and the message sends successfully, and is shown in the "sent" box. But nothing is ever received by xtra.

Contacted Spark, got a really helpful chap who drilled into the xtra account, and found no issues with blacklists etc, and asked that we contact Google.

The "G Suite" email address can send and receive to all other email addresses, but not xtra. I have checked all junk/spam settings, and the xtra.co.nz is even in there as a contact.

I may need to contact G Suite support, but we need the G Suite admin login, which a family member created and has since misplaced. So i'm up the creek without a paddle.


Any ideas?