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13-08-2017, 05:40 PM
A few days ago we had fibre installed and Vodafone supplied a HG659 router.
Wifi is working 100%
Ethernet works 100% if plugged directly into one of the laptops from the router.(internet only) However, if I plug the Ethernet into my existing wireless LAN I get an 'unidentified network' error on either the desktops or laptops that are connected.(they run Windows 10) In addition to this we cannot access our network printers or storage.
What am I missing, our wired LAN has been working for the past 10 years without a glitch?
your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Grant

13-08-2017, 06:13 PM
Compare the IP addresses of the HG659 and a wired LAN computer. They need to be on the same subnet.

14-08-2017, 09:56 AM
However, if I plug the Ethernet into my existing wireless LAN I get an 'unidentified network' error on either the desktops or laptops that are connected.


assuming you have a separate wifi access point
configure that access point to match the new router (IP adress)

Just remove that old 'wireless lan' completely, plug everything into the new router (best way) . You may need to change IP adresses to suit

the old "wireless lan' could be the old ADSL router. If so, it needs to be removed completely

exactly what is the 'wireless lan' . How is it plugged into the new router

14-08-2017, 12:49 PM
If it is a router you can still use it, just has to be reconfigured as a switch/ access point. Some have an option to do this otherwise you can generally just turn off DHCP and connect to the fibre via a LAN port not a WAN port.
Not my best area if you need specific instructions though, hopefully someone else can help. The model name/number of all the equipment involved might be helpful though so we can figure out just what you are trying to connect together.

14-08-2017, 06:57 PM
A bit more information would be useful. What was your previous system? Did you connect to the internet via ADSL? If so, did you use an ADSL modem/router or did you have a separate modem & router to drive your WiFi network? What exactly do you mean by having fibre installed? Since it is Vodafone it would seem that you actually have what they call FibreX, which apparently is what the rest of the world calls cable internet. If you had a modem/router, that will have been removed and replaced by the HG659 which is itself a WiFi modem/router.

If you had (and still have) a separate router, connecting through the HG659 could be a bit tricky, and as 1101 said, replacing it with the HG659 would be a better way to go. Otherwise you will very likely need to change the configuration of your own router to match your new connection. This was my experience last week when I was upgraded to 'FibreX' on an unlimited data plan. I was presented with a HG659 modem/router but I declined to use it because my existing router was configured and gave good wireless coverage through our entire house. However, using a different modem required a phone call to Vodafone to make a simple change to the router settings in order to get an internet connection. It looks as though you may be having a similar problem. The HG659 has a switch to disable the wireless LAN function, so presumably it will work with a separate router if that is what you want.

If all else fails a call to Vodafone may be in order. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I got someone who understood the problem I was having and knew how to correct it.

14-08-2017, 09:58 PM
The key to sorting the problem is what 1101 asked;

exactly what is the 'wireless lan' . How is it plugged into the new router

After knowing that it's quite simple to sort.

When I changed to fibreX a while back, all the access points and everything still connected fine. With Fibrex you have to use their MODEM, its not like you can use your own because the connection on your account is tied to the Modems MAC address, without it it wont work.

You can use your own Router with a few settings changed to coincide with FibreX - as long as it has the options, MANY older routers don't.

15-08-2017, 08:31 AM
Be nice to hear from the op.