View Full Version : Changing Print Settings in Word 95(Deskjet 720c); Windows Sleep Mode; IE5 Installation

08-05-1999, 12:51 PM
If I change the print settings for the HP Deskjet printer in Word 95, it freezes the computer (going from normal to economy).

If I use the Windows Suspend mode manually, after a period of time it does not respond to any wake up requests, such as pressing the Suspend button on the Compaq Presario 5050 to wake it up or press any key on the keyboard, or click the mouse.

I have tried several times to install IE5, but it says it cannot fully setup, but it has upgraded components like Outlook Express to version 5.0. It then recommends me to resume setup, or start it over from scratch. This ends in the same result. It says it cannot continue or complete the setup.