View Full Version : Which free defrager is best ?

06-01-2002, 08:09 PM

The win98se standard defrag has hit a damaged file deadend..
I'm sure its the defrager not the files..
What experience have people had with other defragers ?
Are there any downloads available ?

06-01-2002, 09:55 PM
Hi Peter

There is one I don't think you can't go past... called: POWER DEFRAG.

I am not sure of the exact URL, but you can find it at google.com

Regards, ALAN

07-01-2002, 08:30 AM

Above is the link for PowerDefrag, off memory this is a free defrag utility which others seem to like using.

07-01-2002, 11:11 PM
Hi Guys
Thanks for your help... I d/l the power defrag..
Unfortunately it still came up with a damaged file report 4 % into the disc test phase...
I think power defragger actually uses the win 98 defrag and improves it...
I need a different defragger..
or the file actually is damaged and blowed if I know what to do about that ?
Time to buy Linux I spose..

08-01-2002, 01:06 AM
Have you tried doing a complete scandisk, might take 2 or 3 hours depending on the size of the drive, that might fix the error(s).

20-03-2002, 11:55 AM
You might want to DL and try a hd damage detecting [and fixing] utility from your hd manufacturer's website.
I do not know if my experience with defragging very big fat32 hds in win 95 osr 2.1 is applicable, but here goes:
WD= Win defrager
I have 7 hds --only 1 partitioned [7 partitions]
C: HD1 45GB
D: HD2 45GB
E: HD3 100GB
F: HD4 75 GB
G: HD5 75 GB
I: HD6 60 GB
HD7 80 GB N[39GB], O[33GB], H[2GB], J-M [1GBea]
C, D-- Gets to about 70 % then moves a small group of blocks of clusters back and forth forever.
F, G--Will not defrag them. Says not enough free memory. MS KnowledgeBase says this means that cluster size is too small.
All my hd clusters are 32k --the largest size.
E -- [the LARGEST hd] Defrags it OK, but took about 100 hours starting at about 7 % defragged.
It defrags the other two hds similarly
Frequently WD will say that I must fix errors using Windows Scandisk. Often Windows Scandisk finds no errors, but WD keeps insisting.
In those cases, sometime later maybe after a week or two WD will defrag it.
DK 'defrags' very fast -- prob 10 times faster than WD. It handled all my drives and partitions OK
BUT it effectively defrags only FILES and not FREE SPACE but this is not easily realized unless you watch it very closely or run WD afterwards. I believe this is the reason it strongly recommends having a total of more than 20% free space--[even on huge hds] which is RIDICULOUS--20 GB on a 100GB drive!
Its graphical display is extremely misleading---usually not showing the hundreds of free space fragments thruout the drive.
After DK seemingly finished with drive E, I ran WD on it. WD said it was 0% defragged but took 20 hours to fully defrag it.
WD has a terrible algorithm for defragging free space. To fill up a free space fragment of just a few blocks of clusters in the middle of a hard drive it will take the next 100 or so blocks and move them to near the end of the hd, then move them back filling up the free space fragment of just a few blocks and all of the rest of the blocks it moved except leaving at the end of the group a new hole of just a few blocks. It will repeat this stupid process thru most of the rest of the drive.
I have not investigated whether the ideal way of filling free space fragments is even feasible.
Since I installed DK about a week ago, everytime I reboot a blank IE5.5 window is opened. Also Dk has locked up the whole computer once [when no other program was actively running]
I will try Power Defrag.