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19-01-2017, 02:53 PM
Hi all

I am asking for someone. They are wanting a security system for a property that can record and can be accessed on a computer from another location (via the Internet). Preferring for mains powered than batteries. What sort of price are we looking at? I see Netgear Alco but that ones is battery powered for ~$600.


19-01-2017, 03:08 PM
Did you want it as a stand alone setup / equipment or linked into a Computer that's running using a Web / separate Cam setup, wired or Wireless ?

Is something like this what you are after -- https://www.jaycar.co.nz/network-2-4ghz-digital-wireless-7-lcd-dvr-receiver-and-camera-kit/p/QC3678

if all else fails read the manual :eek: ( yeah yeah I know) in the downloads, tells you how to connect to internet etc

19-01-2017, 05:05 PM
Have a look at this . Just an option
Morepork Security System (by Spark)

Also, many internet cameras were/are riddled with security holes . See if there were regular updates for whatever you buy.
Allow for the cost of a new internet router, in case port forwarding wont work on the required ports (if its an ISP supplied router)


19-01-2017, 05:05 PM
It gets down to the finer detail in the end as to what exactly you want to do.

For instance, do you want to continuously monitor an area or do you only wish to record any movement?

Do you want the recordings recorded locally, or do you want an E-Mail complete with photos sent to you?

Personally, when I'm overseas I leave my computer on, connected to a Webcam with the BIOS set to reboot in the event of a power cut, and then E-Mail me a couple of photos of who set the thing off.

I have the local Police Station phone number on my cell phone so I can ring them and forward the photo's of who they're looking for.

Sure, I've had a few photo's of the Cat doing stretching exercises, but that's ok because it proves the thing is working and the Cat's OK. :D

Total cost, Nil. :)