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08-05-1999, 12:49 AM
Win95 Networking Question
Title: 'Networking '95B & '98'

From: SuperT Date: Friday, May 07 1999 - 11:34AM NZST
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I have a situation where I have 2 Windows computers, networked, using standard ethernet cards. One computer is using '95B and the other is using '98. The '95B computer has a modem and is using Dial Up Networking. The network uses the NETBEUI protocol and is a normal setup for me that 'always' works. The network is very 'Flakey', falls over etc. If I remove the DUN from the '95B computer then the Network is perfect and stable. Replacing the DUN causes the network to become unstable again. This same setup but using '95A instead of '95B, works fine. I am using DUN 1.3.
Conclusion:- '98 networking seems to clash somehow with '95B but only if DUN is running. To get around my problem, I have removed '98 from the computer and replaced it with '95B and all systems are go. I have another customer that uses the reverse configuration, '98 with DUN and the other computer using '95B, and that combination is OK. Talking to colleagues, this seems to be a common, when trying to network Windows '98, but I am the first to locate the connection with DUN amongst my colleagues. It has been suggested by others that I shouldn't try networking '98 as there are too many problems. Any suggestions as to the cause and is there a fix?