View Full Version : Mother Board Settings (Jumpers)

07-05-1999, 10:36 PM
I have come into possesion of a 486DLC-40 Mother Board. It has a Opti 82C495SLC chipset on the board. I installed this in my lowly 386. When I powered up I found that my CD-ROM (Mitsumi 24X Connected to ESS1868 In Slave Mode), No longer worked. Ditto with my modem and soundcard. After playing around with Windows, my Bios (AMIBIOS) settings (Hidden Refresh, IO Recovery Time, System Wait State) And my jumpers, Still my cards would not work. I put my 386 board back in and searched for my motherboard on the internet with no result. None Of my cards are even recognised as being existant. Some more of my stats follow:

3406 REV 1.1
128kb of Cache
proccessor made by T.I.
2 Vesa slots, 5 ISA
AMIBIOS (version unknown)

On the reverse side is the marking of a large letter D, but I think this may just be the makers of the actual PCB.

Any Help With Getting My Stuff Going Would Be Much Appreciated.