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19-11-2016, 04:17 AM
I have a i5 4690 but my next computer I want to use the i5 but I don't know which one. I would like to step up when building a new computer. I did a cpu compare with the i5 6600 but it didn't do anything for an improvement. The i5 4690 is the 4th generation and the i5 6600 is the 6th generation so I'm missing something and I have been out of the game for building computers because I'm retired and need to re educate myself. Also I have no idea on what motherboard to use but I want to keep the cpu and motherboard under $250 each. Can anyone help an old man?

19-11-2016, 06:31 AM
So why are you upgrading?
You want to improve gaming performance?

Then just change the GPU and leave it at that.

19-11-2016, 11:03 AM
There's nothing to be gained, the only i5 that might very slighty outperform the 4690 is a 6600K, and even then you'd need to overclock to really appreciate a difference.
And then there's the inpending release of kaby lake in January or thereabouts, worth waiting to see what that brings I'd say.

also from a gaming perspective which is where I approach it from your are still in the top tier with your CPU so again, nothing to be gained.

If you want a meaningful upgrade today you'll have to go for an i7 or maybe switch to the 6 core options of the -E series CPUS
Stick with the 4690.

19-11-2016, 11:14 AM
May pay to stick to one thread, and not answer in the Other (motherboard)

You first of all HAVE to decide if you want to use the existing i5 4690 or buy a newer CPU. This will determine what motherboard you buy.

The i5 4690 is Socket 1150 whereas the i5 6600 is socket 1151, two totally different sockets and you cant put a 1150 CPU into a 1151 Socket.

The 1150 is older technology and boards are getting harder to get as they are close to obsolete. Where as the 1151 there are plenty to select from.

Then you also need to decide if you want new memory, there's DDR3, DDR4 not compatible sockets with each other.