View Full Version : Win10 realtek audio autosensing

07-10-2016, 09:41 AM
Hi there
Win10 , Realtek HD Audio , + HDMI with audio passthrough

The issue is , the RTK audio wont sense when the 3.5mm jack plug is allready plugged in. Unplug & re-plug & it will detect it.
Restart the PC & it wont detect it till you unplug & replug :
so the RTK audio wont show as a sound output option until the driver detects the jack cable is plugged in (even though it is in)

Its a software bug (either drv or Win10) : because if you go into the RTK audio manager & make a particular change in there & save it, then the driver resets & the
Plug is then magicly detected & the onboard sound starts to work. Net time after a restrt , go back into the RTK manger , reset the change & it again detects the plug.

has anyone come across this & have a fix ? The driver on the RTK site was older than what was installed (and the old drv didnt really work)

07-10-2016, 10:07 PM
This could be one of those " need the PC to actually see whats going on" situations ??

Anyway -- When you turn on the computer, have you tried right clicking the Speaker in the Icon tray/ Troubleshooter ? Sometimes that will find faults if there's one.

Tried different speakers ( just as a test) even a set of headphones ?

There has been a "bug" in the RT drivers since W7 came out where the message will pop up connected/disconnected, doesn't effect all PC's only some- that's a reasonably easy fix to sort, but this sounds ( no pun intended) different.